Paddy Breathnach | Ireland | 2015 | Fiction | 100 min NY PREMIERE  Buy Tickets
Museum of Moving Image 4/8 @ 7:00pm  Actor Hector Medina present for Q&A
Opening in US Theaters April, 2016  
Viva Web

Opening in theaters April, 2016 Viva, from executive producer Benicio del Toro , tells the story of a young man working as a hair and make-up artist for drag acts in Havana. While he secretly wishes to join his clients on the stage, he must ultimately choose between realizing his dreams and rebuilding his relationship with his father.



Paddy Web

Paddy Breathnach (born 1964, Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish film director and producer. He directed Man About Dog, Blow Dry and Shrooms. He was also involved in the production of The Mighty Celt and Ape. He has received awards at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, the San Sebastián International Film Festival and the Bogotá Film Festival.