Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Bob Yari | U.S. | 2015 | Fiction | 109 min NY PREMIERE
Directors Guild Theatre  – April 15 @ 6:o0PM – CLOSIING NIGHT   Buy Tickets



The first Hollywood film to shoot on location in Cuba since the 1959 revolution, Papa: Hemingway in Cuba is the true-life story of a young journalist who finds a father figure in legendary author Ernest Hemingway. Their relationship began in the late 1950’s when Ed Myers, then a junior reporter at The Miami Herald, wrote a fan letter to his idol. Myers thought he was being pranked when the larger than life Hemingway phoned the newsroom a week later, inviting him to Havana.

Hidden away at his private estate with his wife Mary, the elusive author mentors Myers in fishing, drinking, and finding his voice while the Cuban Revolution boils up around them. In this turbulent landscape, observing an icon in his twilight years, Myers discovers his strength while recognizing that all of our heroes are human.

Papa; Hemingway in Cuba is directed by Bob Yari, whose credits as a producer include the Oscar(r) winning Best Picture Crash and The Illusionist. With its title derived from the Nobel Prize-winning novelist’s nickname, PAPA, is based on an autobiographical script by Denne Bart Petitclerc. Played by Giovanni Ribisi, the character is names Ed Myers in the film. Theater and screen veteran Adrian Sparks portrays Hemingway; Joely Richardson is his wife, Mary Hemingway. Minka Kelly is Debbie Hunt. James Remar portrays Santo Trafficante, Jr., reputedly the most powerful Mafioso in Batista-era Cuba. Hemingway’s legendary first-mate of the Pilar, Gregorio Fuentes, is played by local Cuban actor, Eduardo Almirante.



Bob Yari is an independent film producer and founder of Yari Film Group, an independent film company. Founded in 2002, YFG has over 35 produced films and is known for casting top-tier talent in compelling projects. Yari also produces films outside of YFG. He began his career in Hollywood after receiving a degree in motion picture cinematography. Yari’s films include Crash, which won the Oscar for Best Picture.  He also served as a producer on the Starz series based on the movie.  Yari produced and distributed The Illusionist, which was one of the top-grossing independent films of 2006.  He is actively working on PABLO, a biographical telling of the life of Drug-Lord Pablo Escobar.