La rumba me llama


Oliver Hill | Cuba – Colombia | 2015 | Documentary | 48 min
April 1 – Bronx Museum of the Arts Director present for Q&A
First Fridays! 8th Annual Collaboration with The Bronx Museum of the Arts


Village East Cinema 4/9 @ 3:00pm Director present for Q&A 


La rumba me llama follows the development of rumba, a genre essential within the Cuban school of music, through interviews with its most emblematic practitioners. The film traces rumba from its roots to today, arguing for its influence in the both the everyday as well as in other types of music such as timba, jazz, and rap.



Oliver Hill was born in New York as the son of a Spanish mother and American father. He was raised between the US and Spain, but the beaches of the Caribbean beckoned from early on. In Havana he was introduced to a world previously known only through the discography of the island’s leading musicians. Among these musicians were rumberos who inspired him to create a documentary to share the magic of the genre by creating a documentary. Oliver attended Columbia University where he studied broadcast journalism, honing his ability to tell stories in written and visual forms. Following his degree in journalism he released his first feature documentary, “Coping with Babylon (2004) as a reedit of his master’s project. His fascination with themes of identity in Latin America and the Caribbean didn’t subside as he entered the world of financial journalism and he continued to pursue his passion of documentary filmmaking even as his work led him to travel the region and reside in Mexico and then Jamaica.