La prenda

Jean-Cosme Delaloye | Guatemala – Switzerland  | 2015 | Documentary | 78 min NY PREMIERE  Buy Tickets
Village East Cinema 4/9 @ 9:30pm Director present for Q&A

La prenda is a film about two women fighting to end the climate of impunity in Guatemala, one of the world’s most violent countries. Karin Gramajo is a single mother of three whose life drastically changes when her teenage cousin Kelly is brutally kidnapped and murdered. Despite death threats, she studies to become a lawyer to help others fight for justice. Astrid Elias was kidnapped and raped at the age of 14. She flees to the U.S. Where she overcomes her fear to speak out about her past, while facing deportation.



Jean-Cosme Delaloye is a reporter who did many stories in Central America. In 2012, he directed By My Side, a documentary about three young women living in the landfill of Managua in Nicaragua. The film won awards for best documentary at Icaro and at the Festival Enfances du Monde in Paris. La Prenda is his third film.