La gunguna

Ernesto Alemany | Dominican Republic | 2015 | Fiction | 87 min NY PREMIERE  Buy Tickets
Village East Cinema 4/12 @ 7:00pm Director present for Q&A
Village East Cinema 4/14 @ 3:00pm

The Gunguna is a tiny .22 caliber pistol with her own dark, untold past. She travels through the depths of the Caribbean underworld, leaving behind her a trail of catastrophic bad luck, mayhem and dark humour. The film showcases an array of intriguing, bizarre and downright shady characters, some of whom are motivated by revenge, others by deceit. From low-life loan sharks to arms dealers, professional snooker and domino players to corrupt police officials, their tense, violent and at times thought-provoking encounters interconnect and overlap in the midst of absurdity and irony. Within this dark world, The Gunguna herself becomes a symbol for some of the deep secrets that remain hidden within her gold-plated and cursed casing.



 Ernesto Alemany is a Dominican producer and director. He has produced a long list of commercials and musical videos. The Gunguna is his first feature film, which has been acclaimed by critics and the public alike. This film was the Dominican nomination for the Goya Awards in Spain and the Ariel Awards in Mexico.