Cuba Libre

Jorge Luis Sánchez | Cuba | 2015 | Fiction | 120 min NY PREMIERE  Buy Tickets
Village East Cinema 4/8 @ 7:00pm Actress Isabel Santos and director present for Q&A
Village East Cinema 4/11 @ 3:00pm

Cubans have been fighting against Spain for many years. In 1898, the American government using as an excuse the explosion of the battleship Maine, jumps into the war siding with the Cubans. Samuel and Simon are two children living intensively the moment when Spain is defeated until the Americans take over. The Americans start acting like an occupying Army.



Jorge Luis Sanchez (Cuba, 1960). Director and Script Writer. His opera prima, El Benny, had an extensive international tour in film festivals. El Benny was awarded at Locarno, La Habana, Dominican Republic among many others. Jorge Luis Sanchez also works as a Professor. He has published many articles about cinema: Romper La Tension del Arco, Movimiento Cubano de Cine Documental and others.