Diego Lerman | Argentina | 2014 | Fiction | 90min | NY PREMIERE
Quad Cinema – April 13 @ 7:00PM
Quad Cinema – April 14 @ 5:00PM

7-year-old Matías and his newly pregnant mother, Laura, flee their house after another outburst of violence from his father, Fabian. Through the eyes of Matías, we experience their escape and their search for a new, secure home.



Diego Lerman is an Argentinean film director, scriptwriter, and producer. He studied Sound and Design at the University of Buenos Aires, and Drama at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts. Lerman has written and directed four feature-length films: Tan de repente (2002), Mientras tanto (2006), La mirada invisible (2010) and Refugiado (2014). His films have shown at some of the most important film festivals worldwide and screened commercially in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and Japan. In 2009, he founded El CAMPO CINE production house with Nicolás Avruj.