Special Features HFFNY 2013

El Paseo2

A boy arrives late to his music class and justifies his lateness with a lie that triggers turmoil among the students and worries his teachers. To save himself from being expelled from school, the boy is forced to make a pact with his teachers to tell the truth.
Saturday, April 13 12:30pm

Fresa y chocolate

Diego, a cultivated, openly gay man, falls in love with David, a young heterosexual Communist full of prejudice and dogma. David falls in love with Nancy, who is overcoming the effects of a suicide attempt; her relationship with both men gives her life new meaning. What begins for David as repulsion towards Diego turns into friendship, a friendship surpassing ignorance and homophobia.
Sunday, April 14 7:00pm

Operacion E

This story is based on Operation E, one of the most important operations to free FARC hostages, involving the governments of Colombia and Venezuela. While the world awaited the release of three hostages, the FARC blamed delays on the intense military operations by the Colombian army in the region. In fact, the guerrilla had lost track of a sick baby they had handed over to a local farmer to take care of three years earlier. This is the story of that farmer’s single-handed fight against the powers that be and his frenzied efforts to survive and preserve his family’s integrity and unity.
uesday April 16 8:30pm, Thursday April 18 5:00pm
Producer Farruco Castroman present for Q&A

Day of the Flowers