The Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) collaborates with Havana’s International Festival of New Latin American Cinema to introduce its audience to prominent and emerging filmmakers by showcasing the latest award-winning films and classics from and about Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Latino community. HFFNY seeks to cultivate audience-artist dialogue through panel discussions designed to give a behind-the-scenes look at an industry that continues to gain global recognition. The festival program offers directors, actors and producers an opportunity to exchange ideas, enriches and expands the vision of Latino culture and provides a multi-cultural experience for a diverse audience.

The Havana Film Festival New York is a project of the American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) cultural organization fostering the exchange of artistic ideas and information between the U.S. and Cuba to strengthen social consciousness and cultural awareness.


HFFNY History

Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) is an internationally recognized film festival celebrating Latin American cinema. In its 14th anniversary, HFFNY features more than 40 films from the most current cinematic talent from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, U.S. and Venezuela.

HFFNY upholds the reputation for which it is known: enriching and expanding the vision of Latino culture here in the United States. The films chosen each year reflect strong cultural and social identities rooted in their respective cities and countries. Our audience has an opportunity to see award-winning full-length feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation and classics as well as new independent films that are rarely screened in the U.S.

All foreign language films are subtitled in English.

HFFNY has paid tribute to some of the most important directors and actors including: Fernando Birri (Argentina), Walter Salles (Brazil), Silvio Caiozzi (Chile), Victor Gaviria (Colombia), Humberto Solas (Cuba), Juan Carlos Tabio (Cuba), Luis Alberto Garcia (Cuba), Jorge Perugorría (Cuba), Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Cuba), Arturo Ripstein (Mexico), Jacobo Morales (Puerto Rico), and Estela Bravo (US).

We continue to build a close relationship with our community and provide a multi-cultural experience to different age groups. Our patrons are educated through panel discussions designed to give a behind-the-scenes look at an industry that continues to gain recognition on a global level. By collaborating with other institutions and festivals, HFFNY caters to the most dynamic and rapidly growing international population.

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Carole Rosenberg

Executive Director

Email: cr@aflfc.org

Carole Rosenberg is a distinguished member of the art world. For more than forty years, she has made significant contributions to New York’s cultural landscape as an art dealer, curator and philanthropic leader. The Havana Film Festival New York is one of the many projects she has undertaken in an effort to nurture cultural exchange, artistic development and understanding between the peoples of the U.S. and Cuba. She is President of the American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, a member of the Honorary Committee of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and serves on the art and garden committees at Long House Reserve in East Hampton and the Community Board of The Water Mill Center.


Carole Rosenberg es un distinguido miembro del mundo del arte. Durante 40 años ha hecho significativas contribuciones al paisaje cultural de Nueva York como marchante de arte y curadora y su labor filantrópica. Habana Film Festival New York es uno de muchos proyectos que ha asumido en su esfuerzo por contribuir al intercambio cultural, al desarrollo artístico y el entendimiento entre los ciudadanos de EEUU y Cuba. Es presidente y directora ejecutiva de The American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, y miembro del comité honorario de la Fundación Ludwig de Cuba.

DianaV-NickRogers copy
Diana Vargas

Artistic Director

Email: vargasher2@gmail.com

Diana is the artistic director and programmer of Havana Film Festival New York. She is also the founder and programmer for NYU’s CortoCircuito Latino Short Film Festival of New York. She works as a producer and media liaison with CUNY TV series Nueva York for which she has received four consecutive Emmys. Diana has also been part of the Cinema Tropical team, an organization dedicated to distributing and promoting Latino films in the United States, and LART (Latino Artists Round Table) and Celebrate Mexico Now. She received several international awards for the documentary series Rostros y Rastros. She also works as media consultant for several cultural events in New York City, specializing in film, theater and music festivals. As a journalist she has published in newspapers and magazines including Hoy (New York City), El Puente Latino, Kinetoscopio (Colombia) and La Opinión (Los Angeles)


Diana es la directora artística y co-programadora de Havana Film Festival New York. Es también fundadora y directora de CortoCircuito, el festival de cortos latinos que se lleva a cabo anualmente y desde hace 9 años, en NYU (New York University). Diana trabaja como productora en Nueva York, el programa de televisión de CUNY-TV, con el que ha ganado cuatro Emmy consecutivos. Ha sido parte del equipo de Cinema Tropical, una organización dedicada a la distribución y promoción del cine latino en Estados Unidos, de Celebrate Mexico Now Festival y de LART (Latino Artists Round Table). Trabajó en la dirección general del espacio documental “Rostros y Rastros”; programa semanal de televisión en Colombia, ganador de premios internacionales. En la actualidad es consultora de medios y jefe de prensa para organizaciones culturales y artísticas; especializándose en cine, teatro y música. Como periodista ha escrito para publicaciones como Hoy (NY), El Puente Latino, Kinetoscopio (Colombia) y La Opinión (Los Angeles).
Daniel Arias

Programming & Traffic Assistant

Gloria P. Giraldo

Hospitality Assistant

Aline Valdes

Publicity Assistant

Maria Paula Lorgia

Jury Coordinator

Miguel Rodriguez


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Isaac Ramirez

Web Developer

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Giovani Quinche

Graphic Designer